"FRIDAY" The Animated Series (STORYBOARDS)

These next few video postings are storyboard segments created for the MTV animated show "FRIDAY" in 2006. Various episodes have been shown only a few times and at odd unexpected time slots. I'm really not sure why or what happened. Nonetheless It was a funny and exciting show to work on. Director Kevin Lofton had the storyboard team present the boards as animatics which were done in Flash. Allowing us to import audio as well as create camera moves, editing choices. and limited animation.

Flash is extremely buggy and has serious problems when exporting to a Quicktime movie. It affects both video and audio. Resulting in ghost images and misplaced frames. And most annoying is that the audio at times starts to slip and no longer matches the action. But till I can find a better way to present these clips- these slightly messed up ones will have to do.